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Chairman Statetment
  • The whole idea of DFC Holdings was borne out of the need to take advantage of immense opportunities in Nigeria and the African Continent. The world has taken off but Africa is still evolving. As a continent we have continually depended on the outside world for all our developmental needs and over the years we have remained a primary product supplier and importer of finished products. The need to reverse this trend is one of the driving forces behind the creation of the DFC Holdings Limited.

    At DFC our interest is diverse but we have a primary focus of creating value from every given opportunity. We nurture startup companies to maturity and take matured companies to the public for stability. This concept is based on our shared values, experiences and track record of service. My colleagues and I are driven by the need to create wealth through sheer hard work. As expected, our journey so far has not been easy but we are always focused on the big picture and belief in our ability to deliver. Our belief in credible business partnerships is unwavering. As a result, we constantly seek strategic alliances and business partnerships with like minds to complement competencies. We have already built enough business goodwill and partnerships across the world, and we intend to expand that further as opportunities emerge. This is the philosophy that has taken us this far.

    Our business strategy is to consolidate on our gains in the different sectors of operations within the African Continent in the short to medium term and use that as a launch pad for investment in other sectors within and beyond the African horizon. We have a dedicated staff and management team working with the right technology in a good environment.

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