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Personal Banking

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Financial Services

Finance is the livewire of every business venture and is a major component for the incubation of small and medium scale industries in any nation. With limited banking penetration in Africa, DFC Holdings through our substantial investments in Fortis Microfinance Bank PLC and Fortis Mobile Money have championed the cause of microfinance banking services in the country by providing customers who were traditionally neglected by commercial banks whilst also creating a way to obtain financial services through cooperatives and development finance.

Our creativity has worked with modern technological platform to provide financial solutions to the somewhat neglected in the society.Fortis Microfinance Bank PLC has made tremendous growth impact to become the first micro finance bank to be publicly quoted in the Nigeria Stock Exchange. Given the knowledge base of our Finance Team, DFC Capital has therefore been set up as the platform to provide financial advisory services to our clients and for our principal investments opportunities.

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