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Company Profile's

DFC Holdings Limited (DFC) is an internationally diversified African company set up to harness the multiplicity of opportunities in Nigeria and the African Continent through the visionary leadership of the Executive Chairman; Mr. Felix Achibiri. With Company’s headquarters in the Nigeria capital city of Abuja, our interests and portfolio of investments cut across the following sectors:

Oil and Gas

Financial Services


Infrastructure Development


Health Services

General Contracting


Our Philosophy

The company is also firmly rooted on sound corporate governance and strict business ethics that foster integrity, honesty, openness and respect for agreements with clients and partners alike. We strive to fully comply with all the relevant and applicable laws in each locality and country of operations as well as respect for customs, cultures and religious beliefs.

Health and safety at work place and environment is our watchword as we continually support and encourage every initiative to protect our staff and the environment.

Core Values

Our core values are rooted in;

F – Flexibility
E - Empowerment
L - Leadership
I – Integrity
X – E”X”cellence

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