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Infrasturcture Development

Physical infrastructure is often viewed as the "wheel" of economic activity since it provides the environment for productive activities to take place and facilitates the generation of economic growth. Africa currently has gross infrastructure deficit of about US$38 billion of investment per year, and a further US$37 billion per year in operations and maintenance; and an overall price tag of US$75 billion. This total required spending translates into some 12 percent of Africa’s GDP. Currently a funding gap of US$35 billion per year exist however, annual revenue from infrastructural development is projected to reach US$200 billion by 2020.

DFC Holdings through three of our subsidiaries namely Rural Steel Bridging Limited, Site Services Technologies Limited and Vatternfields Utilities Limited play a major role in the development of physical and social infrastructural development in Nigeria and Africa. Our strategic focus is the development of steel bridging in Nigeria; design, construct and equip hospitals; design and installation of water and sewage treatment plants, water reticulation and installation and maintenance of smart metering systems.

We have recently completed the construction and equipping of the ultra-modern Kessely Harrison Hospital Port Harcourt. We are currently handling the multi-million dollar Shiroro Steel Bridge in Niger State among others. Vatternfields is currently engaged in the installation and maintenance of Prepaid Metering system for the FCT Water Board under an 8 year service agreement.

Real Estate

The need for shelter grows with the continuous growth in urbanization which was estimated to be 5% in the last 15 years. The housing deficit in Nigeria has been estimated to be about 17 million and an estimated US$400 billion will be required to clear the deficit given a conservative estimate of about US25,000 per housing unit. This conforms to DFC Holdings business model of providing affordable housing units to all segments of the population using the Plaswall and Plasmolite technology.

DFC has strategic partnerships with Sterling Plaswall of Manila Philippines and FABTECH Sterling of India respectively. We equally have business relationships with Greenspan Ireland makers of Greenspan products. Through one of our subsidiaries; Sterling Plaswall Development Limited, we hold the sole franchise of sterling plaswall technology in Nigeria. This technology has the capability of reducing construction cost by about 35% without compromise on quality. Our joint venture company Greenspan Nigeria Limited is dedicated to the commercial development of housing estates across the major cities of Nigeria.

Medicare Services

Health they say is wealth and a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Inefficient Medicare and wrong diagnosis have been the bane of health care delivery in our society. As a result, Nigeria currently spends about US$500 Million annually on overseas treatment. The current expenditure on health in Nigeria is about 4.6% of the Gross Domestic product of the country. Even with these investment opportunities provided by these figures, our investment in the health sector is not entirely driven by profits. We see our investment as corporate social responsibility. DFC Holdings through our subsidiary, DFC Medical and Diagnostics Limited is working with our partners to build a world-class international diagnostic center to be located in 3 cities in Nigeria namely - Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt.

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